Running 12,000 miles away from home

By: Olivia Budiono Olivia volunteers at the Alzheimer’s Association, Washington State Chapter. She is a recent graduate of the University of Washington and is pursuing a career in communications. Olivia chose to volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association because she felt like it was something she could do to make a difference, even though she can’t be home with her grandma. I came to the United … Continue reading Running 12,000 miles away from home

My Grandma Bonnie: A Poem

Stephanie Eldore participated in The Longest Day by running an ultra marathon for her mother, Bonnie who is living with Alzheimer’s. Stephanie’s daughter, recently wrote this poem about her grandma for a school assignment. “My ten year old daughter recently wrote a beautiful poem about her Grandma Bonnie (my Mom) as a response to literature. The assignment was to write a poem about something meaningful. … Continue reading My Grandma Bonnie: A Poem

Farmer, Musician, Caregiver: The Longest Day

Laurie Lee Lewis is a self-described “whirlwind” of a woman. Besides being a farmer, songwriter, musician, author and philanthropist, she has also been the primary caregiver for both of her parents the past four years. This year, Laurie is celebrating her birthday and honoring her father with a celebration on her farm for The Longest Day on June 21. Her parents, Jack and Darlene Little, … Continue reading Farmer, Musician, Caregiver: The Longest Day

The Promise

By Mel Watson, Director, Time Together Adult Day Services, Island Senior Resources How many of us ever plan to be a family caregiver? Do we consider what we might do, if someone close to us needs help to do everyday things? It’s not something most of us think about until we are facing it, head on. Years ago, my mom made me promise never to … Continue reading The Promise

Finding Joy: 10 Tips for Caregivers

There is no doubt that being a family caregiver is not easy. It often comes with long days, new challenges and changing family dynamics. Even so, there may be an opportunity for you and your loved one to find moments of joy in your day-to-day routine. Our Care Consultants have compiled 10 tips to find joy as a family caregiver, in hopes that you will … Continue reading Finding Joy: 10 Tips for Caregivers

Mikaela and her family at her wedding

Millennial caregivers: Mikaela’s story

Currently, one in six dementia caregivers is a millennial between the ages of 22 and 37. As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias continues to grow, more young Americans are being called on each year to help care for their loved ones. One such caregiver is Mikaela Louie. She was just 22 years old when her mother, Irene, was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s … Continue reading Millennial caregivers: Mikaela’s story


Mark Holtzen is a Seattle author whose mother-in-law, Sara, lives with Alzheimer’s disease. When the day came that Sara was moving into an assisted living facility, Mark’s wife, Carolyn, and her siblings were coordinating the move. While Carolyn and her siblings were packing up Sara’s belongings, Mark and Sara spent the day together in Seattle. Mark noticed how Sara was handling the weight of the … Continue reading Sara