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Dementia-Friendly Activities to get in the Holiday Spirit

By Kenna Little The holiday season is often a blur of time spent with family, traditions and social engagements. For those caring for a loved one with dementia, the hustle and bustle of the holidays may feel overwhelming. With the change in routine, new family dynamics and nostalgia for holidays before dementia, the stress can […]

Dementia-Friendly Communities: An Introduction for Washington State

Editor’s Note: Are you getting started or already involved with developing dementia-friendly programs (i.e. Alzheimer’s Cafes, memory loss walking groups, art programs, etc) or dementia-friendly initiatives in your community? Want to network or share resources related to dementia-friendly communities, with others around Washington State? If so, please: Respond to this brief 5-question survey, sharing what you’re […]

The Momentia Movement: Dementia-Friendly Programs in Your Community

Editor’s Note: Learn about starting a dementia-friendly program at Discovery 2017. Register today. By Marigrace Becker Every second Monday of the month, a small group gathers at Seattle’s Taproot Theatre for an improv theater workshop. One minute, students have a lively discussion using facial expressions, gestures, and “gibberish” language. In the next, they pass imaginary […]

Dementia, Palliative Care and Your Local Museum

By Lee Burnside M.D., M.B.A. and Mary Jane Knecht B.A. For centuries museums have held a sacred place in human culture.  They are the cornerstone for documenting and preserving human culture and artistic expression, and sharing those works with the world. In the US alone there are over 17 thousand museums with over 850 million museum […]

Changing the Face of Alzheimer’s & Dementia

“What I realized is you cannot dwell too long on what you can’t do anymore. It is a new life – how do I begin to take my new life on?”  Early stage memory loss program participant If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, you are not alone.The Alzheimer’s Association is here for […]

Art of Alzheimer’s: a lesson in dementia

by Becca Verda, Alzheimer’s Association “[My mom] had never painted a day in her life yet these paintings were really good, always interesting and sometimes remarkable.  Slowly, I began to understand.  She may have had a short term memory of about ten seconds, but she was still here—loving, creative and joyful.  I began to share […]