Beautiful Mind


By Michael Kirtman

He is my superhero
Olympic level speed
But his true super power
Is his beautiful mind
That mind ignited his rise from Gray, Louisiana
To segregated Texas
To the corner office
That beautiful mind made him the first in his family to go to college
A mind that tested out of every high-school except one
A mind that led global marketing for an iconic brand
A mind that transformed a poor kid into my superhero
Now, that mind is failing him
Failing me
Failing us
But, that mind
Saw his 4 kids go to college
Witnessed his 4 kids marry the partners of their dreams
Shared the miracle of having 11 perfect grandchildren
Now we are forever committed to saving our superhero
To saving that beautiful mind
Because I owe my life and my kids lives to that beautiful mind
And I pray we can find a cure
Because I need my superhero more now
Than I ever have before
I love you Dad, please never forget that you are my superhero

Michael’s brother, Former Seattle Seahawk David Kirtman, is hosting the inaugural Lake Chelan Memory Cup Saturday, June 23 for The Longest Day. Learn more and register today!

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One comment

  1. Beautiful, Michael. Thank you for sharing this. I felt so similarly about my mom: a copper miner’s daughter, top of her class, role model to six kids.
    With you on the journey,

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