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I’m Military – Will I get Dementia?

  by Josh Antles What is your first thought when you read: social withdrawal, irritability, mood changes, aloofness, nighttime restlessness, difficulty concentrating, decreased interest in activities, depression and memory loss?  You may be thinking, “Those are symptoms of dementia.” Nice work! You are correct. These are many of the symptoms of dementia, but these symptoms […]


  by Cary Ulrich On this journey of caring for my beautiful wife with Alzheimer’s I have learned many things about life; what is most important, how to love in a deeper way than I ever knew, to see her on a deeper level at the core of her very being and to connect at […]

Preparing for the Holidays

By Becca Verda The holidays are a wonderful time.  But with all of the good that comes along with the holidays – family friends and traditions – added stress can also creep into our lives. This is especially true for families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. However, with some planning and […]

Full of Life: #NeverDelete

By Carrie Smith My grandma was a force. She was a smart, strong, creative woman. She passed away recently from Alzheimer’s after seven years of living with the disease–at least seven years ago is when we first noticed symptoms. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my experience watching her leave us very slowly, […]

Medicaid: The Fight to Save Caregiver Support

“If my mom wasn’t able to get approved for Medicaid I don’t know where my family would be. It’s scary to think where she would be, but we know she has safety and help.” Erika Roden, Family Caregiver By Becca Verda Medicaid provides health coverage to seniors, children, pregnant women, parents and individuals with disabilities. […]

Continuing the fight: Taking steps towards a cure for Alzheimer’s

By Representative Rick Larsen On a sunny morning in early October, I was honored to join more than 600 people who were taking time out of their Saturdays to increase awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and to raise money for care and a cure. Many of these people shared their own experiences with this very serious […]

5 Ways to Support a Care Partner

By Becca Verda  Becoming a care partner to a loved one with dementia is hard. For many of us it isn’t something that comes naturally, we have to learn new ways of being with loved ones and attending to their needs. The same is true when you’re learning how to support a care partner. Relationships […]