7 Things You Didn’t Know About Seahawks Offensive Guard J.R. Sweezy

1. He is an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease awareness and you can help.

J.R.’s Papaw Gene was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nine years ago.  “It’s tough, because we don’t get to see him much,” said J.R.. “That’s why I’ve decided to help and raise awareness and do as much as I can—I want to be behind this all the way for as long as it takes.”

You can sign up to J.R. and Gissell’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s team in Issaquah here or North Carolina here. 

J.R. and his family present a cake to Papaw Gene for his birthday.

J.R. and his family present a cake to Papaw Gene for his birthday.

2.  It’ ain’t easy being Sweezy…

Especially when Jimmy Fallon makes fun of your photo.

3. He may look big and mean, but he has a soft side too

He is married and devoted to his high school sweetheart, Gissell, and he’s highly involved with his family in North Carolina.

2015-8-23 JR Sweezy_Seahawks (120 of 183)4. He’s has a lot of love for the 12th Man.

“We’ve won a lot of games because of the 12s. It’s the only place like that in the entire NFL, and I’m lucky enough to call it home…I get goose bumps just thinking about running out of that tunnel. The 12s are so loud; they’re great fans—they set the mood and keep us going…They go above and beyond, and I think they’re doing that outside of football too.” said J.R.


5. He has an artistic side.   

J.R. has designed a t-shirt that represent his love of football and his fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Those who sign up for his “the12s” team in the Eastside Walk to End Alzheimer’s and raise $250 will receive his free signed t-shirt.

Sign up for his team here


(t-shirt design will be unveiled soon!)

6. His wife’s family is from Columbia.

“I became a lot happier when I married her.  She’s everything I ever wanted,” said J.R. “We look forward to traveling to Columbia.”


7. He loves to cook breakfast. He even grows cilantro in his back yard.

“Off season he’s the chef,” said Gissell. “He cooks a big breakfast every day; scrambled eggs, homemade pancakes, bacon, sausage and he cooks lunch or dinner, but breakfast is his favorite meal.”



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  1. I search on blogs and forums about alzheimers since my granny has it and I keep trying to find new ways to help her. This blog, I can say is where my search ends. The way this story has been beautifully presented is just overwhelming. I would also like to thank JR and gissell for trying to raise awareness. We really need more people like you.

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