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#the12s join the fight against Alzheimer’s – photo essay

J.R. Sweezy and his wife Gissell brought the spirit of the 12s to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this year. With a faceoff against the Seattle Broncos Fans Walk Team, football fans across the country came together in Seattle to #ENDALZ.

People Helping People

Wes Faulker has volunteered for the Alzheimer’s Association Washington State Chapter for over ten years. Wes volunteers in memory of his wife Mildred, who died of Alzheimer’s disease in 2005. Wes and Mildred grew up across the street from each other in Grandview, Washington. “Mildred’s brother married my sister, so to get even, I married […]

Seahawks’ guard J.R. Sweezy talks about his fight against Alzheimer’s

by Rachel Turner
Seahawks’ J.R. Sweezy is not the tough offensive guard most people know when he’s around his wife Gissell. “She’s everything I ever wanted,” said J.R. smiling at her. “I became so much happier when she came into my life. She’s my support system,” he says lowering his gaze shyly.

Living With Alzheimer’s: Issues with communication

This is the first installment of a series of articles published by Methow Valley resident Don Reddington which will explore the issues of living with Alzheimer’s Disease. The articles were written in collaboration with Raleigh Bowden, M.D., and Methow Valley News reporter Laurelle Walsh and originally published in the Methow Valley News. Read the entire series […]

Don Reddington hopes his series, ‘Living with Alzheimer’s,’ helps to educate the community

We are deeply saddened for all the communities across Washington devastated by fire, our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected. Thank you to the Methow Valley News for continuing to sharing critical information and resources with the community. We’re honored to partner with Methow News and resident Don Reddington to share his story and the “Living with Alzheimer’s” series.

My media adventures

Originally posted on therestlessnest:
Alzheimer’s disease is so hard to talk about. Or write about, or make films about. But here’s what I’m learning this summer: focusing on volunteering for Alzheimer’s research is somehow easier, and if it’s a way to get people to talk about this deadly illness that now affects 5.3 million people and…

Why I Walk: Hope

By Madeleine Fraley Larry and I met and fell in love in 1962.  Looking back I try to picture the highlights of our life together—the pinnacle of our partnership.  I realize there is not just one, but many awesome events that have knit us together for more than five decades.   Larry’s love for me, our […]