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The Twelfth Man, By Lon Cole

The twelfth man is more than a teammate He’s more than a large screaming crowd They can make a difference when the game is close And boy can they really get loud There is a spirit in a football game That goes beyond the play And when the fans get excited Who knows what they […]

5 Reasons to Hope in the Midst of Alzheimer’s

1. Research to find a cure gains momentum each year. Scientist need more subjects for research each year and people like author Ann Hedreen are stepping up to help find a cure. Learn how the Alzheimer’s Association can help you volunteer for research. 2. Local Support programs grow each year to reach more families in need now. […]

Volunteer Spotlight: A Warrior & an Advocate

Six years ago, at age 62, Myriam drove home from her work as a public defender in Skagit County. She came to the same 4-way stop she crossed every day, but suddenly, she didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know whether to turn left, right or go straight. She panicked. In that moment, she knew it was happening to her.

Why I Volunteer For Research, Part II

by Ann Hedreen
Continued from last week…

Although being a control subject in Alzheimer’s research studies involves plenty of memory tests, there are neurological tests too. I was tickled with feathers, tapped on the elbows and knees, peered at with a penlight in my eyes. And there were psychological questions: On a scale of one to ten, do you usually feel life is worth living?

Why I Volunteer for Research, Part I

Here are two of the many things that scare me: having to change a tire all by myself (because I’ve never done it) and camping in bear country (because I have). Here are two of the few things that don’t scare me: taking pop quizzes and getting poked with needles. These slim categories of fearlessness make me a natural volunteer for Alzheimer’s research.